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While I was eager to learn karate in my middle ages the opportunity to do so with my son has been invaluable and memorable. One of the things I have conspicuously noticed since starting the classes is Denise’s ability to teach students that range from beginners to black belts with the same care and consideration. She fosters a "togetherness" attitude amongst the class that I find a great life lesson for children. It is apparent that the understanding of martial arts is a "journey" rather than simply a destination. I look forward to continuing this journey with Denise and the good people at Norwell Karate.

Dave O., Duxbury, MA

In short, taking karate has been one of the best decisions of my life. Starting at age 42 was not easy but it has taught me so much. I am more confident in all other facets of my life. It has helped teach me strength, discipline, respect, athleticism (which has greatly improved my tennis game!), mental alacrity, and so much more. My karate "family" is the best. I strongly recommend martial arts at Norwell Karate. Sensei Denise is one of the finest in her genre.

Sarah J., South Shore, MA

South Shore Karate is a very welcoming and enjoyable place to take karate. Denise Laiosa, who runs all the classes, is a very experienced 5th degree black belt. I have been going there for 6 years and look forward to each class. She makes karate fun while teaching discipline as well as improving your self- confidence. The classes are tailored to each person's individual needs. She has numerous classes for different ages and abilities. She offers private lessons as well. She has the patience of a saint and offers guidance to help you understand the movements and strive to do your best. She has guided me through the years and enabled me to achieve my black belt, which has been an amazing journey and accomplishment for me. Anyone would be lucky to have such a great sensei as Denise.

Sheila M., Norwell, MA

I like how you get to participate with other people in the class. Also I love how you always seem to have fun while learning new things. I also like how kind and caring sensei Denise is to her students.

Bobby M. Age 13, Norwell, MA


My daughter has attended Karate for the past four years. I had researched many of the other area schools and found Norwell Karate to be the perfect mixed of teaching and kindness, without the stringent demands of most other schools. I believe the reason my daughter has kept up with the sport is due to the wonderful teachings of Sensei Denise and her patience and love of her students. She has been a fantastic role model for my daughter.

Cindy W., Norwell, MA

I started my children in karate because my son kept nagging me. I was amazed that my daughter loved it too. Sensei Denise has such a kind but powerful way with the kids. I was amazed how on the first trial class she knew my kids. She said my daughter needed karate to gain confidence and my son needed it for self-control. She also makes a point at each class to make every child feel special, always pointing out a good move that each did. My son tends to love everything he tries but my daughter has been harder to find what she likes. We have tried gymnastics, dance, and other sports. By far, karate has been her favorite and it is because of Sensei Denise.

Veronica M., Norwell, MA

My 7 year old daughter began at Norwell Karate. She loves it! The tone of acceptance and kindness set by Denise is exceptional. My daughter is learning karate, but more importantly, she is learning respect, to work hard and gaining self-confidence all the while. I couldn't be more pleased.

Jenny D., Norwell, MA

The level of teaching is unique to the sport of karate. It has exposed my son to the beauty of the Japanese culture. Through Denise's mentoring, my son has made a huge transformation from a shy boy to a confident young man. Denise focuses on the mastery of karate through discipline and personal connection. The students learn that the sport isn't just physical, but is also focused on restraint and respect for yourself and others.

Beverly O. Quincy, MA

Denise is amazing! My son has only been going to Norwell Karate for only a few months and I have seen an improvement in his focus. This is the only place I have seen my son enjoy a formal sport activity. His willingness to participate is a reflection of Denise's love and enthusiasm for her students.

Michelle G., Norwell, MA