Principles of Practice

by Kanei Uechi

"The purpose of karate training is to discipline the mind and body and
to master the art of self-defense."

  • "A karate practitioner should be well-mannered and modest, value courtesy, always wear decent clothing, pay attention to his speech and actions and work hard at training day and night."
  • "A karate practitioner must never call upon his strength in a quarrel, speak harshly, act roughly, or become troublesome to others."
  • "A karate practitioner must never bring shame upon himself or his school in either speech or action."
  • "A karate practitioner must never speak arrogantly, fall into laziness, or act conceitedly. He should endeavor to work diligently at training and improving himself."
  • "A karate practitioner should respect decorum and the martial arts, maintain the fine traditions of karate and contribute to society."

Principles of Practice
by Kanei Uechi
As translated by Jon D. Mills, October, 1984
from The Black Belt Test Guide,
by George E. Mattson